Astro Drop is Gentleman Squid Studio’s first mobile game and second studio game to be released. After the first game, Three Dead Zed, the team at Gentleman Squid Studio sought to expand its horizons and explore mobile games. We love the idea of people having fun playing our game wherever they want. Exciting places such as: the waiting room, long bank lines, or the ever popular bathroom. Astro Drop is loosely based on one of our developers awaiting the arrival of his new baby. From this, our teaser trailer and first objective was born.


  • Control the most forgetful and impatient astronaut as he returns back to earth for some “stupid” reason.
  • Intuitive game controls utilizing the phone’s tilt controls.
  • Avoid hitting objects such as asteroids, balloons, and obese flying pigs that slow down your descent.
  • Play 20 stages that challenge you with a rating system. Replay to best your own time.
  • Unlock "Unlimited Mode" and see how long you can keep dodging objects.